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Loose skin is a sign of aging that has long been difficult to reverse without plastic surgery. However, advancements in minimally invasive technology have started to allow for this.  J-Plasma®, also known as Renuvion®, uses advanced technology (cold atmospheric helium plasma) to treat lax skin quickly and effectively.

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Ideal Candidate

Healthy women and men with loose skin on their face or body may be good candidates for Renuvion® / J-Plasma®. For qualifying individuals who want to avoid invasive surgery as well as the scarring and downtime associated with surgical procedures, J-Plasma® may be appropriate to address the following issues:

Fine lines and wrinkles in the face Loose or droopy skin on your face or body Signs of aging around the eyes, mouth, and body


Radiofrequency waves heat a stream of plasma energy that is targeted to the lower layer of your skin, up to 85° Celsius (185°Fahrenheit) for a brief moment while the skin’s surface stays cool. 

This process causes the subdermal layer to contract, giving your skin a tighter, more youthful appearance.

In the hands of highly skilled surgeons like the ones at Miracle Mile Cosmetic Surgery Center, treatment with J-Plasma® is safe and effective.

J-Plasma and Other Procedures

The J-Plasma® procedure is most commonly combined with liposuction for dramatic body contouring results but can also be combined with other radiofrequency treatments.


After a J-Plasma® or Reunion® treatment, healing takes place from the inside out. You can expect to see mild swelling and or bruising that is similar to a sunburn immediately after the procedure. These symptoms will fade over the next week or two, and you’ll start to notice the tighter, healthier-looking skin you desire.


It can take up to two months to see the results from J-Plasma®. These results are long-lasting and will continue to improve over the following six to nine months.  This progress is due to collagen levels increasing in your skin.

Duration of Results

J-Plasma® or Renuvion® results can last up to five years or more.

Other Procedures


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